Radiology in Helsingborg Hospital have had this own information site for patients, referrals, health professionals and the public on the Internet since January 1998.
We believe that this site is an important tool in our care work in which the patient all the time are in the center.

According Care Act law, a patient has the right to obtain comprehensible information from their healthcare provider about their own health, examinations, treatments, etc.

Our goal is that our patients will be well prepared before an X-ray investigation. This provides security for the patient who receives more knowledge and insight into the lengthy procedure that a visit to the radiology means which then will result in a diagnosis.
An informed patient usually gives a good survey, both for the patient and for our own part.

We who are involved in this website are all active in the radiology department of Northwest Skåne. This means we have high competence of the information we give you here.